for the most important things in life.


Superannuation is a great way to save for your retirement. Generally you will not be able to access this money until you retire.


The earlier you start preparing for retirement, the more options you have to set a course that suits you. Managing your finances can be hard work even if you have some financial knowledge.


There is a huge number of investments on offer at PWM, from cash and fixed term investments to shares and alternative investments.


Either in business or in your personal life your budget and cash flow is an essential element of getting your total situation right.

Business Planning

Getting advice about your business and how to grow and protect it from PWM, from paying your own and your teams Super.

We believe that Financial Advice should be accessible to everyone, it is not just for the wealthy or for older Australian’s and the younger you start the better. Getting a budget, your Super, your insurances and a savings plan as young as you can we see the benefits.

The right kind of financial advice can really make a big difference. Financial advice can give you confidence that your future plans are achievable. If you’re not on track to achieve your goals, it can help you put the right strategies in place, or come up with more realistic goals.

Advice is not just about Super and Retirement, we feel you need to start with the foundations by having a budget that reflects where you are today and where you can be tomorrow. We wrap this into what you could lose and create an affordable insurance strategy that protects you now and can be adjusted as you change and grow.


Reviewing your strategy is an essential step in the advice process. We give our clients the freedom to choose both, what is affordable and what is needed, we never offer our clients a prescribed solution.

This year you are a single person, you have limited debts and limited resources and then next year you find yourself with a number of possible changes, you have changed jobs or occupations, you have a partner, you have taken on debt or even got sick or hurt yourself and had to change your entire life from where it was. Reviewing, adjusting or maintaining, adding or subtracting parts of the original strategy are why reviewing is so important.

“Advice is organic”